Twisting Puzzles
Floppy Cube Optimal Solver


The Floppy Cube Optimal solver is a program I wrote in C# 2008 - it should run on most Windows machines. The core of the program is the same as the console program I wrote to produce the database for an online floppy cube solver. It tends to take slightly longer to work out the input patterns for the floppy cube than it does to solve it by yourself, with or without a method, but you can work out some moves for common positions with it.

Using The Program

Click here to download the program. Save the file to your computer (approx 22KB) and double click to run.

floppy cube optimal solver


Press the Calculate God's Algorithm button to make the database of moves.

The coloured squares represent the facelets on the top of the puzzle. The coloured rectangles show the colours on the 1x3 faces of the puzzle. Since the edges can only be flipped and can't swap positions, use them to orient the puzzle in your hand to match the diagram on screen.

Click with the left mouse button on the edges to flip them as they are on your puzzle. Click with the right mouse button on a corner to swap it with another one.

Click on the Search For Solution button to find the algorithm that solves the position you have input. If you see the message, Not Found, it means that position you have chosen cannot be achieved on the puzzle. Check that you have described the puzzle correctly before pressing the button again.

The Reset button resets the diagram to the solved position so that you can input another position.