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Puzzles For Sale

  • Puzl - UK Puzzle Specialist
  • Mefferts - Puzzle Inventor & Seller
  • Cubesmith - Supplies stickers and tiles for all sorts of cubes

Other Sites

  • Rubik's Site
  • V-Cube Site
  • Jaap's Puzzle Page - an excellent web site and probably the best reference you can find online for an enormous range of puzzles. Visit this site, bookmark it and go back every time you consider buying a puzzle or have one you can't solve. The site has solutions for every puzzle you can think of and excellent explanations of puzzle theory. If you are thinking of writing a program to solve a puzzle, Jaap's site is a great place to start.
  • RubiksCube.Info - this site is by Josef Jelinek. It has some excellent solutions, favouring corners-first methods. The Ortega method is explained here too. His program Acube, is an excellent tool for discovering optimal and suboptimal algorithms for solving particular cases on the cube and can be used to help solve some other puzzles too.