Twisting Puzzles
Rubik's Domino (3x3x2) Reviews

Original Domino

It took me a while to get hold of one of these before they became available in mass-produced form again. A collector's item only I'd say. You do get the original dot patterns instead of colours though. It's ebay only for these things and you can expect to pay 20 or more.

QJ Domino

These are quite sturdy and turn well - they come with coloured stickers rather than numbers. They cost around the same price as 3x3x3 cubes depending on where you get them.

I have tried several of these and find the same issue with all of them. The top and bottom layers don't quite feel right, like you are winding and unwinding.

domino stickers

QJ Domino with Cubesmith stickers.

Lanlan Domino

The Lanlan domino is very similar to QJ in that it comes with coloured stickers. It doesn't turn quite so well as the QJ and feels a little clunkier. For me that adds some sturdiness that I felt was missing from the QJ.