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7 Adding New Game Rules

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Our game is quite simple. There are not many variables for us to change. If we want to add any more interest to the game, we will have to add new objects.

There are a few ideas on this page, but that is no substitute for experimenting with your game to see what you can do.

Add More Objects

You could add a new object. This object will move around randomly just like the clown. There could be several of them. When you click on this object you lose some points.

Add New Game Rules

You could make the game work by giving the player a reason to try to hit the clown straight away. If the player gets more points for hitting the clown sooner.

The following steps would need to be followed,

  • Clown Create Event - Set a variable called points to the value 100.
  • Clown Step Event - Set the points variable to relative -1.
  • Clown Left Pressed Event - Instead of increasing the score by 10, increase it by the value stored as points. You will also need to set points back to 100.

If you try this out, you should see the scoring change quite dramatically.

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