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The basic set-up for this game has been completed for you. Right mouse click on the hyperlink below and choose to Save Target As to get a copy of the game file.

Platform Template

You should play the file and move the character around first to see what you will be working with.

The remainder of this page explains which aspects of the game have been set up already. Later pages will explain how to add to and enhance the game.


The template includes a series of sprites that are required for the game.

There are 4 sprites used for the player character. The character is called Jermaine and there are sprites to show him moving to the left, moving to the right, facing right and facing left.

There is a black square block which is used to make the boundary of the game and is visible in the game.

There are 2 blue rectangular blocks which will not be visible in the main game but will be used to indicate where each of the 'platforms' in the game is located.


There are 2 backgrounds in the template file. Both are tile sets, meaning that they contain blocks of different images that we will use in the game. Tiles are explained later in the tutorial and are used over the top of the invisible blue blocks for elements in the game that do not move.



The character object has the following events designed for you,

Game Maker Screenshot

Movement to the left and right starts when the player presses the left or right arrow keys. When this happens, the sprite is swapped for the animated sprite and the character starts to move. When the key is released, the character stops moving and is changed into the non-moving sprite.

The character jumps when the up arrow key is pressed.

A collision with any of the 3 block objects stops the character from falling under the power of gravity.

There are a few scripts included in this file to stop the character from being able to walk in mid air.


The black square block is the parent of all of the others. The blue blocks inherit the properties of the original but have different shaped sprites.


The room has been made quite wide in order to give plenty of space in which to design a level. A view has been defined on the view tab so that only a section of the game room is visible at any time. When you move around the level, the view you have of the game changes.

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